• Reading Strategies

    are tools readers use WHILE reading in order to enhance and monitor their understanding of the text.

    Activating Schema-  This can also be referred to as background knowledge.  Each reader brings their own ideas and previous knowledge to the texts they are reading.  By connecting new ideas to our existing schema, readers are able to better understand the text and form new ideas.  Ask your child how their schema is like a lint roller!


    Making Connections-  We use our background knowledge to make connections to the texts we read.  Connections are made when the story reminds you of something else.  We will learn about three different types of connections:

                   Text-to-Self- the text reminds you of something in your life
                   Text-to-World- the text reminds you of something in the world
                   Text-to-Text- the text reminds you of something else you have read 

    Visualizing-  Visualizing helps readers see what is happening the story they are reading.  Readers make mental pictures as they read .  The camera should be running in our minds at all times to help us make these pictures.


    Predicting- When you make predictions, you use clues that the author has given to make a guess about what will happen next.  Sometimes our predictions are confirmed (What we predicted is what actually happened) and sometimes our predictions are contradicted (What we predicted is not what actually happened).  We use background knowledge and clues from the author to make predictions and confirm or contradict them as we read.


    Questioning- Asking questions as we read helps us to better understand the story.  We should constantly be asking ourselves questions and then reading to find the answers.


    Inferring- Sometimes when we read, the author does not come right out and tell us everything.  We need to use our own background knowledge, along with clues from the story, in order to form new ideas.  BOOK + BRAIN = NEW IDEA


    Monitoring- As we read, we need to monitor our reading to be sure it makes sense and we understand what is happening.  When comprehension breaks down, readers need to stop and adjust their reading.  This often means going back to reread something more closely so that we understand it.