December 13th! 
    Warm wishes for a Happy Holiday Season! Students continue to improve! This month has been full of winter/holiday vocab and concepts. We have been working on 'wh' questions, following directions, using our best speech sounds, grammar and much, much more! 
    Holiday carryover: Have your child read a recipe using their best speech sounds. For langague practice have them remember the seqeunce of the recipe! Ask them some comprehension questions and ask what kitchen utensils they may need to complete the recipe! 
    November 22:
    Super Duper provides some great resources and handy handouts for parents. I will be sending some of these handouts home but if you want to check out the site, it is a great resource for not only for speech and language but also for literacy, processing, memory, OT, sensory processing information and much more!! Happy Thanksgiving!! 
    November 1st:
    Students continue to work toward their speech-language goals. This month students will work on food/cooking and Thanksgiving related vocabulary and concepts
    IEP progress notes will be coming home soon. Progress notes for those in the speech improvement program will be coming home in December/January. If you have any questions at any time you can send a note home in the folder, send an email or call!
    We are back into the swing of things! Each student has been provided a folder to bring to speech and to organize their work. Students working on speech production skills, have received their sound packets. Last year, language packets were handed out based on topic/concept. This year, we will be working out of a few different workbooks and completing more interactive tasks. Students may be asked to complete tasks at home out of the workbook if difficulty is noted in a particular area. Copies will be made and sent home. As in the past, we will be focusing on themed-based vocabulary and language concepts. This year, there will be a heavy focus on listening skills, following directions and processing of auditory information as well as grammar skills. Sessions are organized to meet every student's needs.  
    Happy Halloween!!! 
    Welcome Back! 
    Speech improvement classes will begin mid to end -September.
    Speech impairment services will start the week of the date on the IEP.
    Students will be given a folder with days and times of speech sessions. These days and times may change throughout the year.
    If at any time you have any questions, please contact me. Contact info. is on the 'Welcome' page of my webpage. I travel quite a bit throughout the district, so email is usually the best means of communication. I will try and get back to you ASAP.
    Looking forward to another great year!! 
    Past Information below: 
    Students continue to make gains toward improving speech-language skills! Students are working diligently on the cause and effect packets and will move into problem solving packets. Again, if students are struggling in a particular area, review at home may be needed.
     We will continue to focus on weather related and theme-based vocabulary. Recently, we have focused on games that encourage phonological skills and word building. Such games include: Scrabble Slam, Word Shout, Campbell's Soup Scrabble, and three letter puzzle cards. These are excellent games to help improve literacy, rhyming, spelling, and phonological skills. These games even further enhance language when we discuss, parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, pronoun). We can also focus on sentence structure, grammar and articulation as we usually create sentences out of the words we generate during games.