The 5 credit business sequence

    * courses have potential to earn college credit from Erie Community College (see ECC Advanced Studies program) 

      1.  Take BOTH:                                                          CFM = Career & Financial Management

    • CFM Career and Success Skills (1/2 credit)
    • CFM Financial Literacy (1/2 credit)

     2.  Take BOTH:

    • Excel (1/2 credit) 
    • Word/PowerPoint (1/2 credit)

     3.  Choose THREE:

    • Accounting* (1 credit) 
    • Advanced Accounting (1/2 credit)
    • Business Math (1 credit)
    • Business Planning (1/2 credit)
    • Career Exploration Internship Program (1/2 credit) 
    • Entrepreneurship (1/2 credit)
    • Keyboarding & Computer Integration (1/2 credit)
    • Marketing Sports & Entertainment (1/2 credit)
    • Principles of Marketing (1/2 credit)

     * Advanced Studies Courses

    All teachers in the Business department are adjunct professors for Erie Community College.  Therefore, many courses include the opportunity for advanced studies credit for juniors and seniors. Students have the potential to earn SUNY (State University of New York) credits while still enrolled in high school which are transferable to any SUNY College and most SUNY Universities.  Transcripts are issued by Erie Community College (ECC) after completing all enrollment and academic requirements. 

    Please note: Students enrolled in a Business class that offers advanced studies are not required to enroll at ECC, it is offered as an option.  All information is subject to change at any time. College credit is issued at the sole discretion of Erie Community College.
    * Microsoft Certification

    All Computer Applications courses use the Microsoft Office 2016 Suite.  (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Students enrolled in a MOS-labeled course are eligible to become a Microsoft Office Application Specialist; a credential recognized by educators and professionals around the world.  



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    9050 fall          9055 spring            Grades 11, 12            1/2 credit

    Prerequisites:  Students must have their own transportation to and from the mentor’s job site (Not all internship locations are located in Lancaster) 

    Students must understand that this is a time commitment and therefore schedules need to be considered prior to registering.

    The Career Exploration Internship Program (CEIP) is designed to give students hands-on experience in a career field of their choice. It also includes classroom learning on important workplace topics, such as resume preparation and effective interviewing techniques, teamwork, projecting a professional image, career research and experience connections. Students are assisted with the placement of an internship working with an employer at a job site. This experience allows students the opportunity to work with people within a similar career field of their interests and could possibly lead to future job opportunities.

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    9030      Grades 10, 11, 12                   1 credit             May serve as a third Math credit required for graduation.

    This course is highly recommended for students considering a college major in business. Course is designed to provide a basic knowledge of bookkeeping/accounting procedures — payroll records, basic credits, cash and special journals, posting, worksheets, adjusting and closing entries. Basic computer application procedures and related reports are also included in this course.   3 Credit ECC Advanced Studies option is available for this course.
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    9031         Grades 11, 12          1/2 credit                     

    NEW 1/2 year course! This course provides a chance to examine a career choice or college major in Accounting while preparing for actual college-level work. Computer spreadsheet applications are incorporated into the course. Completion of Accounting I is desirable but not required. If your plans include any type of business program in college, Advanced Accounting is a key course.   
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    9035    Grades 10, 11, 12          1/2 credit  

    NEW 1/2 year course! This exciting half-year course is filled with practical content that can be applied to daily life of a student.  It will provide a comprehensive understanding of business and personal law.  Topics inlcude constitutional, statutory, laws for minors, civil and criminal law, court jurisdictions and trial procedures.  Contract, consumer, employment, family, property and cyber laws are also covered.  Legal knowledge is applied in a fun and meaningful way through debate, guest speakers, internet research and the mock trial process.  Controversial issues and current legal events are highlighted within each unit.  This course provides useful information for every person, regardless of their career aspirations.
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    9034       Grades 10,11,12                 1 credit            May serve as a third Math credit required for graduation.    
    How much is this new car going to cost?  How can I save enough to pay for a vacation?  I know I have to pay taxes, but how much?   These are all examples of how math is used in everyday life or in a typical career.  In Business Math students gain the skills necessary to make informed decisions on car purchases, loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc.  Business Math  provides students with a thorough review of all basic mathematical concepts and the applications necessary to effectively manage banking services, credit, loans, insurance, home and personal expenses, owning and operating your own business, automobiles, taxes, employment and much more.  This course cannot be used toward a Business sequence.
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    9041          Grades 10, 11, 12     Spring                      1/2 credit                       suggested pairing with Entrepreneurship

    NEW 1/2 year course! No pre-requisite.  If you like Entrepreneurship, this is the course for you!  This course will go more in-depth and students will create and present a detailed business plan.  We will work with Junior Achievement of WNY, and student will be eligible to compete in a business plan competition for scholarships and other prizes.  Other topics will include identifying and meeting a market need, marketing your business, distribution, promotion, selling and operations management.

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    9038        Grades 10, 11, 12      1/2 credit                        suggested pairing with Business Planning

    This course is designed to introduce students to the role that entrepreneurship and small business play in our economic system.   An in-depth study of the various steps involved in starting a new business and the financial, legal and government aspects critical to a successful small business will be covered. Topics include marketing, competition, communication, human resources, type of ownership, location and setting up your business.  Students will be involved in a variety of activities including project based learning, guest speakers, and a field trip to the 43 North Business Plan Competition.

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    9032           Grades 9, 10, 11, 12              1/2 credit            fall

    Students will discover careers from all 16 career clusters through exploratory activities.  Students will analyze educational requirements, worker qualifications, job outlook and more.  Students will then further investigate careers based on their own interests, strengths, skills and abilities and develop a plan based on their academic and career goals.  Students will learn about post-secondary education/training options; job acqusition skills such as applying for a job, developing a resume and cover letter, and job interviewing techniques; and practice 21st century workplace skills such as time management, communication, problem-solving, presentation skills and teamwork.

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    9045          Grades 9, 10, 11, 12           1/2 credit           spring
    This course is a must for all students who wish to learn money management skills that will benefit them now and in the future. Students will learn how to make informed decisions related to topics that include but are not limited to budgeting, spending, banking, credit, consumer protection, insurance, taxes, saving and investing, buying or leasing a vehicle, living independently and much more.
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    9037         Grades 10, 11, 12          1/2 credit        Fall          Suggested pairing with Marketing Sports & Entertainment
    New 1/2 year course!  This course will introduce students to the important role that marketing plays in our economic system.  Content revolves around the basic marketing functions of financing, risk management, selling, social media, public service announcements, promotion, market research, product/service/idea planning, and distribution.  Students will refine entry-level employment skills, as well as develop more advanced career-sustaining skills.
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    9040           Grades 10, 11, 12                   1/2 credit             Spring             suggested pairing with Principles of Marketing

    NEW 1/2 year course!  This course is designed to study marketing principles related to the sports and entertainment industry.  Instructional areas will include marketing, advertising, promotion, Internet/social media marketing, sponsoship and endorsements, event marketing, and branding an image.  A basic understanding of the principles of marketing is helpful to enroll in this course, but is not a requirement.  Classroom instruction will be reinforced through the use of group/individual projects, guest speakers, possible field trip experiences, current periodicals, comuter work, and lecture/discussions.

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    9012          Grades 9,10,11,12             1/2 credit        
    Enhance computer skills and cut homework time in half!  Master the keyboard, and focus on technology features that contribute to high school, college and career success. This course is the foundation for digital applications including Microsoft Office Suite 2010.
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  • MOS - WORD & POWERPOINT (fall)

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    7510            Grades 9,10,11,12              ½ credit
    No previous computer background is necessary. This course focuses on Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Students will use Word for processing letters, reports and a variety of communications documents. With PowerPoint, students will expand their skills of communications to include business style presentations. The basic concepts of each application using Microsoft Windows and Office 2016 will be introduced. Hands-on activities and exercises are used to emphasize real-world usage and integrate the classroom to college and business. 
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  • MOS - EXCEL (spring)

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    7523                Grades 9,10,11,12                   ½ credit           
    Recommended: Demonstrated basic computer skills and math knowledge
    This course focuses on Microsoft Excel, a spreadsheet software program that allows you to store, organize and analyze numerical and text data. Students will develop vital academic and workplace skills necessary to succeed in today’s informational society. Students will create spreadsheets, use formulas; buttons and functions to analyze data and solve real world problems.  
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  • TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION (new for 2018-19)

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    9010                Grade 10,11,12                               ½ credit

    Students involved in the Technology in Action class will learn a variety of innovative and engaging technology tools and assist in their implementation and utilization in the classroom and school district.  This is a project-based hands-on experience in which  students will be immersed in educational hardware and software applications and provide support and training to students, faculty and parents.  Students are asked to complete training over the summer to be prepared to assist when the school year begins.  To be successful you need to be an independent and self-motivated learner.    Proposed Projects include:

    • Individual Digital Portfolio

      • Video Resume

    • Website/App/Extension Hardware Review

    • Resource Development

    • Faculty Liaison

    • Technology Workshop

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