Academic Intervention Services


    Welcome to Academic Intervention Services (AIS) for mathematics. The AIS program is designed to help students achieve the NYS Learning Standards. This is accomplished through additional instruction that supports the general curriculum or by addressing barriers to improved academic performance. 



    • To remediate as needed.
    • To reinforce basic concepts/skills daily. 
    • To increase student ability and confidence in mathematics.
    • To develop or enhance a system of organization and self-discipline. 



    This class is aligned with the New York State Common Core Curriculum. Topics are similar to those covered in the core math class, though they may not be covered in the same order or at the same time. This course will also concentrate on problem solving and mathematical reasoning as well as communication, connections, and representation of mathematical concepts.



    • Give your best effort.
    • Be prepared to work.
    • Always have a pencil with you.
    • Be courteous and respectful at all times.  
    • No putdowns!
    • Stay on task throughout the class.


    Behavior in the Classroom:

    • Students are to come prepared to class.
    • Students are to stay in their seats.
    • There is to be no talking unless the student is recognized by the teacher, or while working together.
    • Students are to keep hands, feet, and all other objects to themselves.
    • Students are to show respect for the teacher and fellow students at all times. (This includes substitute teachers!)



     For more information please visit the district website on Academic Intervention Services