• Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies

    Mrs. Ball



    Listed below are guidelines for this school year.  Included is what will be needed from each student as well as what will be expected.  I am looking forward to an exciting and fun school year!


    Required Materials

                                                                            2” 3-Ring Binder            

    Black/Blue Pens

    Dividers for Binder

    Loose Leaf Paper

    Colored Pencils


    1 Box of Kleenex




    Eight Grade Social Studies is an exploration of American History from the Reconstruction Era up to and including Current day events.  We will study topics through teacher directed lectures, projects, readings, group work, and homework assignments.  You can expect to work in cooperative groups and individually.



    Grading Policy for U.S. History:


    Grades are based on a total points system. To figure out your grade at any time during each quarter, divide the total number of points you have earned for that quarter by the total number of points that all assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects are worth. I expect you to check the portal regularly.


    Homework: You will have homework in a variety of forms. It may be a short reading, viewing a short video on-line in Google Classroom, or various other forms. BUT…with the cooperation of all students, if we are efficient with our class time we can avoid having too many homework assignments.


    I will not give homework on the weekends unless it is absolutely necessary (example: if we lose instruction days for snow storms). You also will not be assigned homework over breaks.


    Copying of assignments will earn a zero grade for both the student copying and the student providing the work to copy. Students will need to use Mrs. Ball's web page and Google Classroom to complete some assignments for this course.


    Late or Make-up Work: Failure to complete and turn in assignments has a ripple effect on your grade. Not only will you fall behind, but your test and quiz scores will also suffer. Late work is unacceptable. If a student fails to turn in an assignment/project in class on the day it is due their grade will drop accordingly:

    1. Turned in later in the day/end of day = 10% penalty
    2. Turned in 1 Day Late = 25% penalty
    3. Turned in 2 Days Late = 50% penalty
    4. Turned in 3 Days Late = 75% penalty
    5. After three days the assignment grade = ZERO.    


    Mrs. Ball reserves the right to modify any penalties based on individual student circumstances in the name of fairness. If you are absent on the day an assignment is due I expect you to turn it in THE DAY YOU COME BACK at the start of class (failure to do this will result in one of the penalties listed above).


    Quizzes: These can cover everything from quizzes on a reading assignment, vocabulary, your notes, a video, or any type of pop quiz. NOTE: pop quizzes are rare, but they ensure that you are prepared every day.


    Tests: will account for about 25% of your grade. There is also an 8th Grade midterm exam.


    Projects: Some projects will be short, others more involved, so the number of points and time allowed for completion will vary. There are usually one per quarter.


    Extra Credit/Enrichment Grades: There will be limited opportunities each quarter to earn a few points of extra credit (but don’t rely on it to fix your overall grade!). Also, there will be opportunities for students to complete additional assignments for an “extra” enrichment grade. For example, I may have students watch news reports and read articles, complete an assignment, and earn an enrichment grade to help their quarter average.


    Grade Progress: Grades will be published on the student/parent portal after assignments/quizzes/tests are corrected (usually within a week). All graded assignments that are passed back should be saved in your binder (for use on notebook quizzes and for test/quiz study). This helps with reviews and also protects students in case Mrs. Ball misses the grade in her grade book. It’s your job to look at the portal.


    MAKE UP TESTS & QUIZZES: Any tests or quizzes missed due to absence will be made up after school on the day the student returns at 2:30 in Room 304, unless the student makes other arrangements with Mrs. Ball. (if this is the case, you must make up the quiz or test within 3 days of your return to school).




    Class Rules and Procedures:


    To promote maximum learning and understanding in the classroom, we need an academic environment that allows all students to learn, the teacher to teach, and an exchange of ideas through class discussion. You will be treated more like High School Students instead of “middle schoolers” and expectations are high for all. A few simple rules can achieve this for us:


    1. Treat everyone with respect.

    2. Be courteous and polite. Please do not talk without permission (raise your hand).

    3. Be prepared for class with all materials (including homework assignments) at the start of class.

    4. Be on time! (In your seat and quiet at the designated start time). Don’t interfere with the learning of other students by disrupting class when walking in late.


    • Students are expected to be in their seats and ready for class when the bell rings. Be ready to start as soon as you enter the room. This includes sharpening of pencils (although almost all work will be done in pen), having your homework out, starting any warm-ups that are on the interwrite board, and following any instructions on the front or side dry-erase board.


    • Have all your materials. This includes a pen, your agenda, binder, paper, homework, textbook, and whatever else you will need for class that day. Students will not be allowed to go to lockers after the start of class. All work is to be done in pen (non-florescent).


    • Quizzes will be given at the beginning of class.


    • Raise your hand if you want to address the class or ask a question. No private conversations please. In order to exchange ideas, hold class discussions, and ask questions, we need to be courteous to each other.



    Please sign this sheet after reading the class procedures and grading outline. You need to return this entire sheet signed completely for your first homework grade.



    Please sign, date, and return this document. If you have any questions, please call and leave a message for Mrs. Ball at LMS 686-3220 ext 7304.            Email: dball@lancasterschools.org


    I have read and understand the grading system and class procedures for Mrs. Ball's U.S. History class. I agree support/follow these guidelines.



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