• Physical Education Expectations:
    - Be safe
    - Respect everyone and equipment
    - Listen and follow directions 
    - Be Prepared
    - Show good sportsmanship and play fair
    - Try your best!
    - Participate in all activities
    - Show teamwork and cooperation
    *In order to participate in physical education class, students must wear athletic sneakers.  All physical education clothing must be different from the clothes that are work to school that day.
    * Students that are unprepared will lose daily participation points.
    * All jewelry must be removed for the students' safety.
    * We are not responsible for any lost items, students should leave valuables in their hall locker.
    * For medicals - A one day excuse will be allowed with a written note from a parent or guardian.  Anything longer than one day requires a doctor's note.    A second doctors note is needed to resume participation in physical education. 
    Failure to adhere to these expectations will result in loss of daily points, removal from activity and/or phone call home.
Last Modified on September 15, 2016