• Second Grade Homework 


    Reading - All second grade students are expected to read at least 20 minutes daily.  This can be done independently or with an adult or sibling.  


    Math - Math homework will be given 3 days a week. In addition to the assigned homework, it is recommended that addition and subration facts are practiced daily. 


    Spellng - Spelling lists are sent home every Monday. I will have students put them into the clear back of their red take-home folders. On Mondays, students will choose 3 homework assingments to complete during the week.  Students can complete them in any order and at any time during the week.  I will collect all of the spelling homework for the week on Thursdays.  

    **Thursday night's homework will always be to study for Friday's test!




    There may be additional homework in other subject areas on occasion throughout the year. These assignments will be written in your child's planner. 


    There will be no homework on weekends.