• Grading Policy

    Grading Policy

    Skill Performance Grades - you will see these grades on assignments as they come home:


    S (Secure) - The student consistently demonstrates and understanding of the skill and can apply it with minimal guidance. 

    D (Developing)  - The student is working towards proficiency of the skill but requires support. 

    N (Needs Improvement) - The student has difficulty applying the skill and requires frequent teacher intervention and support. 

    X - Not evaluated


    For some work that is not graded, you will see these marks: 

    +   Mostly/all correct

    √   some incorrect

    C   make corrections and return


    Report Card Grades

    To show Academic Achievement, your child's overall "grade" for ELA, math, science, social studies and special areas, you will see the following grades on report cards and progress reports:

    4 - Student exceeds grade level standards for this marking period. 

    3 - Student shows proficiency in grade level standards for this marking period. 

    2 - Student is approaching grade level standards for this marking period.

    1 - Student is performing below grade level standards for the marking period. 


    Use the following link to get to the Parent Portal.  Here you will be able to keep track of your child's grades: 

    Lancaster Schools Parent Portal