Although I will not do an official "binder check", students are
    still required to keep an organized binder. It is most important
    for 7th graders because they will need to keep their binders so they
    can refer to them in 8th grade. Therefore, as soon as we put
    something in the binder, I will post it on this site in the exact
    way it should be in their binder.
    NOTE: Many times, I feel that 7th graders have trouble in this
    course because they seem to loose their papers, study sheets, and
    homework. Many have trouble transitioning between elementary school
    life and their new role as middle school students.
    To help things along, I will stress that both parents and
    students look closely at this list as often as possisble. In my
    experience,the students who have poorly organized notebooks or who
    have all the sheets but don't bother to fill them in are the ones
    who usually do poor in the class.
    Although the student is the main one responsible for their
    academics, I feel that if I, along with the parents, help the
    students by using this site, it will greatly increase the students'
    chance of success in this course and ensure that they have a great
    REF 1: Why Study Spanish?
    REF 2: Los Paises Hispanos (song)
    REF 3: The World
    REF 4: Las Nacionalidades
    REF 5: Cognate Connection
    REF 6: El Alfabeto
    REF 7: Grading Policies
    REF 8: How do I...
    REF 9: Anita/ Manuel Dialogue
    REF 10: How do I ...phrases translation sheet (English to Spanish)
    REF 11:Una conversacion/ What's wrong with these phrases?
    REF 12: Anita/ Carlos dialogue
    REF 13: Numbers list
    REF 14: El Mundo Hispano packet
    REF 15: Greetings Quiz
    REF 16:  Intro to the text
    REF 17: Spanish numbers crossword puzzle 
    REF 18: Spanish Numbers- number that comes next/before
    REF 19: El mini-cuaderno de ejercicios
    REF 20: Numbers packet (with pyramid) 
    REF 21: How to insert Spanish letters and punctuation
    SMILE 1:  Leccion Preliminar vocabualary sheet
    SMILE 2:  Los numeros (missing boxes count to 20)
    SMILE 3:  Los numeros rap!
    SMILE 4:  Numbers quiz 0-29
    SMILE 5:  Numbers sheet -put in order/ grouping
    SMILE 6:  Numbers sheet (front and back)
    SMILE 7:  Los dias de la semana song
    SMILE 8:  Number's quiz 30-101
    SMILE 9:  Chore time! 
    SMILE 10:  Days Questions
    SMILE 11:  Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
    SMILE 12:  Los dias de la semana
    SMILE 13:  Los dias (translations in the boxes)
    SMILE 14:  Los meses macarena
    SMILE 15:  Worksheet- review of days
    SMILE 16:  Months- translate/ write which one comes next
    SMILE 17:  Los meses del ano- months unscramble
    SMILE 18:  Que mes es en la foto?
    SMILE 19:  Los dias y los meses word search
    SMILE 20:  Los dias y los meses translation
    SMILE 21:  Los dias y los meses quiz practice
    SMILE 22:  Los dias y los meses quiz
    SMILE 23:  Useful classroom words and phrases/ En mi mochila roja song
    SMILE 24:  Que necesitas para la clase de...?
    SMILE 25:  Cuadrado magico- la sala de clase de espanol
    SMILE 26:  Los objetos de la clase label
    SMILE 27:  Los objetos de la clase counting
    SMILE 28:  Fill the backpack with the appropriate words
    SMILE 29:  La clase de Pepe
    SMILE 30:  En mi mochila roja
    SMILE 31:  Mi clase- word boxes
    SMILE 32: Los objetos de la clase quiz 
    SMILE 33: En que estacion es... People Search
    SMILE 34: Weather Words vocab sheet
    SMILE 35: Las estaciones del ano
    SMILE 36: Que tiempo hace? Mittens/Parka
    SMILE 37: Las estaciones y el tiempo/ Las estaciones e los meses
    SMILE 38: Weather Questions
    SMILE 39: Seasons/ Weather Weather
    SMILE 40: Preliminar C- El tiempo y las estaciones
    SMILE 41: Que tiempo hace? -2
    SMILE 42: El tiempo/ Las estaciones del ano
    SMILE 43: La temperatura  C>F  F>C
    SMILE 44: El clima
    SMILE 45: Las ciudades de espana
    SMILE 46: Word search- Las estaciones del ano y el tiempo
Last Modified on December 5, 2017