• Piazza Classroom Procedures

    Behavior System:

    Students that are working with me and the homeroom teacher will have 2 separate behavior systems. In the larger classroom setting, they use a chip system for behavior. Students start the week with 6 chips. Students are able to earn “gold” chips for going above and beyond but can also lose chips for poor choices made and/or not completing homework. This system will be described in detail at open house.

    The other behavior system utilized in order to provide positive reinforcement and motivate our learners is Class Dojo! Thank you so much for signing up so quickly to this amazing application. The students are VERY excited about it and look forward to sharing all of their successes in school with you. Starting Monday, the communication notebook will start being sent home daily. In the notebook, there will be a weekly behavior sheet that tracks green and red Dojo points for the day. Please look at this page daily and sign next to each day of the week. This is also a place to leave notes with questions or concerns you may have. Please refrain from leaving notes in planners as I may miss them. I look in communication books each day, so that is a great place to leave notes! Students receiving red points for a specific behavior consistently may be responsible for completing a Dojo reflection form to reflect on poor choices made and come up with a plan to improve. Keep your eyes out for group/private messages from me with reminders, questions or updates, as sometimes that is the fastest way to reach all of my parents. Also be on the lookout for pictures of your child and their classmates doing amazing things on the class dojo app or website!


    Homework will begin on Monday, September 12th. Students will be responsible for completing 1 page of math work and reading 20 minutes. A “treasure map” reading log will be sent home monthly and special rewards will be given for students that are completing their reading homework. A baggy book will be sent home as well but feel free to read books from home or the public library as well! Most importantly, students are expected to complete their homework with little to no help. Please, contact me if your child is struggling and unable to complete the work without significant support! Let me help because you have enough to do in the evenings!


    Students are welcome to bring in a snack daily. Please send items that are neat and easy so that they can be eaten while we work!


    I will be sending a finalized weekly schedule some time next week so that you can see how our program is working in relation to the amount of time spent in the larger classroom setting versus in my room (B213). There are a few kinks that still need to be worked out so look for that soon!

    Friday Folders:

    Black folders are sent home every Friday with a weekly summary form, along with any important paperwork. Please look through them over the weekend and send back every Monday with a parent signature.


    Most students are all set with all the materials they need for the year. Please check planners to make sure that your child has all the materials they need for next week! Thank you in advance for your help with this!


     Please feel free to call, email or write a note in his/her communication book with any questions or concerns that arise.

Last Modified on September 7, 2017