• Our class will be following a phonics based spelling program.  This will assist in developing a better understanding of spelling patterns that your child can apply to future reading and writing.  These ideas are based on a multi-sensory approach to learning and the Orton-Gillingham Program.

             It is valuable for students to learn patterns and how to phonetically sound out words rather than to simply memorize a short list of words for a test.  The skills will continue to build upon the previous weeks’ skills and increase in difficulty.

             Each week will focus on a particular spelling pattern.  Brainstorm more words with your child that match the week’s pattern in preparation for the test.  Frequently used sight words will also be included.  Finally, sentence dictation will demonstrate your child’s ability to write in context.

             Your child can do many things to practice spelling at home. There will not be nightly spelling homework but your child has been taught to play Mr. B Spelling Squares, Tic Tac Toe, Spelling City, and Turn Around Tutoring as ways to practice their words. Students will be given time in school to practice as well but this may not be every day.
    Spelling tests are on Fridays.