What does it mean to have RESPONSIBILITY?


    • Think before you act

    • Being dependable and accountable for your actions and words

    • Take care of own matters

    What does RESPONSIBILITY look like?


    We show RESPONSIBILITY when we…

    • Doing what supposed to even if no one is watching

    • When you agree to do something you do it until done right

    • Help take care of self-not waiting for others

    What does it mean to have RESPECT?

    RESPECT means…                                 

    • Don’t bully or pick on others

    • Treat others the way you want to be treated

    • Be courteous and polite

    • Listen to what others have to say

    What does RESPECT look like?

    We show RESPECT when we…

    • Treat people fairly

    • Are kind to others

    • Use good manners

    What does it mean to have PERSEVERANCE?



    • Stick to it

    • Continue to do something even when difficult

    • Not giving up

    What does PERSEVERANCE look like?


    We show PERSEVERANCE when we…

    • Continue working hard when others quit

    • Continue working on something until it becomes easy