• Currently in Mathematics:


    We are currently in Unit 3: Operations with Decimals and Fractions  

    We begin with a review of place value and whole number operations.  We then analyze how multiplying or dividing a number by a power of ten (greater than 1 or less than 1) affects its value.

    Students will practice the traditional algorithms for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with decimals.  They will also practice word problems involving such operations.


           ***The IXL Math computer program is an excellent resource for students to strengthen weak areas, as well as to challenge them in areas in which they do well! Additionally, students earn extra credit points on their report card grade when they accrue hours on IXL over the course of a marking period!  

    ****Please have your child practice on IXL Math at home whenever possible!****


    Current IXL Skills to practice:  Please have your child practice on skills relating to current topics:

    A, B, and C Skills: Whole Number Operations

    D.1-D.5 Skills: Exponents

    E.3-E.9 Skills: Prime and Composite Numbers; GCF, LCM

    F Skills: Decimal Place Value

    G and H Skills: Decimal Operations


    Review and Maintanence Skills:

    FF Skills 1- 10 and 21: Geometry

    R Skills: Rates and Ratios review skills



    Now available!  Math Expressions: Student Activity Book, and Homework and Remembering workbook online home-access should be working for 6th-grade!

    Students were trained in class on how to access the Think Central website from a home computer.


    Website:   thinkcentral.com

    Select the country, state, district, school information. (If you select "Remember me," you shouldn't have to do this again after the first time.)

    Username:  wssg6      Password:  lcsd2017

    Once in the 6th-Grade Math Expressions book, students should bookmark this page for easier access next time.


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