• Currently in Mathematics:


    Students  are working hard in Unit 5: Algebra. It is a lengthy and comprehensive unit of study that includes many different algebraic skills and understandings.  

    Thus far in the unit, students have learned and practiced concepts and skills relating to:  algebraic expressions; equivalent expressions; simplifying expressions by combining like terms; applying the distributive property; and simplifying variable terms having more than one coefficient.  

    They also will be applying these concepts to representing word problems and situations with algebraic expressions.  


            ***The IXL Math computer program is an excellent resource for students to strengthen weak areas, as well as to challenge them in areas in which they do well! Additionally, students earn extra credit points on their report card grade when they accrue hours on IXL over the course of a marking period!  

    ****Please have your child practice on IXL Math at home whenever possible!****


    Current IXL Skills to practice:  Please have your child practice these skills relating to current topics:

    Y Skills: Algebra



    Review and Maintenance Skills:

    FF Skills: 1- 10 and 15: Geometry: Polygons (2-Dimensional Figures); Polyhedra, 3-Dimensional Figures

    A-L Skills: Number Sense and Operations

    FF Skills 1- 10: Geometry: Polygons, 2-Dimensional Figures

    R Skills: Rates and Ratios review skills



    Now available!  Math Expressions: Student Activity Book, and Homework and Remembering workbook online home-access should be working for 6th-grade!

    Students were trained in class on how to access the Think Central website from a home computer.


    Website:   thinkcentral.com

    Select the country, state, district, school information. (If you select "Remember me," you shouldn't have to do this again after the first time.)

    * Username and Password should be written in your child's Agenda or Take-Home binder

    Once in the 6th-Grade Math Expressions book, students should bookmark this page for easier access next time.

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