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June 2012
National Endowment For the Humanities
Featured lessons and Web Sites for the month of June

Museum Educators Consortium of Buffalo

Looking for single site access to local museums offering educational services?  
Vital New York
Video in teaching and learning for New York State educators.
Discovery Education
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

American Library Association

Awesome Library–K–12 Education Directory
A nicely arranged,  lengthy list of excellent curriculum support sites.

Buffalo Alliance for Education

Busy Teachers’ Web Site K-12 
This site is designed to provide teachers with direct source materials,  lesson plans/classroom activities with a minimum of site-to-site linking,  and to provide an enjoyable and  rewarding experience for the teacher who is learning to use the Internet.

Cable in the Classroom
Features a searchable database of program listings as well as information on future programming,  curriculum connection boxes,  contests,  technology,  and other.
Castle Learning

Character Education
This detailed site provides hands-on information about everything from what character education is to links to ready- to-use lesson plans.

Copyright Information
Copyright Alliance - Copyright and the Classroom
American University - Center for Social Media - Fair Use
Education World - Copyright
The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair UseThis is a series of articles written by Linda Starr for the Education World website about copyright, fair use, and new technologies. Each article focuses on a separate piece of the copyright puzzle.
Copyrights and Copying Wrongs:
Is Fair Use a License to Steal?:
Copyright and New Technologies:
Applying Fair Use to New Technologies:
District Liability and Teaching Responsibility:

Stanford University - Copyright & Fair Use
United States Copyright Office
University of Maryland - Copyright and Fair Use
A Visit to Copyright Bay
Core Collections

The Educator’s Reference Desk

A website packed with great tutorials,  helpful test-taking strategies,  and Regents information.

Erie 1 BOCES
A website packed with great tutorials,  helpful test-taking strategies,  and Regents information.


Gateway to Educational Materials
The Gateway to Educational Materials is a consortium effort to provide educators with quick and easy access to thousands of educational resources found on various federal,  state, university,  non-profit and commercial Internet sites.  GEM is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and is a special project of the clearinghouse on Information & Technology.

Helping teachers make effective use of the Internet -Internet sites which can be used in your classroom daily. -Links for K-12 teachers
 -Step-by-step modules for learning
 -And more…

Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators – Education Resources
This site includes resources for educational projects and internet integration,  educational reform,  research and professional development,  educational resource lists, educational tools for teachers,  and lesson plans and thinking skills.  Teachers will find general education resources,  guidance and counseling and more!

My eCoach®
My eCoach® is a Learning Community that builds sustainable coaching and mentoring programs that allow anyone to learn, share, and connect at anytime from anywhere.

New York State Assessment

New York State Education Department

New York State Learning Standards

New York State Teachers Centers
The site contains information about the Centers,  programs, directories,  calendar,  and links to individual Centers’ home pages and other educational resources.

Educational officials in the Western New York area have developed a dynamic,  content-rich educational Web portal for teachers,  parents and students across the nation.

Plagiarism and the Web
Plagiarism is a perennial temptation for students and an eternal challenge for teachers.  An event during the summer of 1996, however,  seemed almost a re-invention of plagiarism—at least to some who responded to it.

Plagiarism:  What It Is and How to Recognize and Avoid it
What is plagiarism and why is it important?

PBS Teachers
This new site is the front door for all educational resources and services that PBS offers, including thousands of free lesson plans, teacher professional development opportunities, videos, blogs, and more. It also provides information about effective ways to use media and technology in school or home-based learning environments.

School Library System Web Page

Teachers Network
Curriculum/Lesson Plan Search

Teaching Books. Net

Teaching Tools – Instructional Resources 
Teaching tools and resources page of Plano Texas School District.  Excellent site for various supports to the classroom teacher.

 ThinkBright Online

Thinkfinity (formerly Marco Polo)-Internet Content for the Classroom
A nonprofit consortium of premier national and international education organizations and the Verizon Foundation dedicated to providing the highest quality Internet content and professional development to teachers and students throughout the United States.
vital New York
Video in teaching and learning for New York State educators.

Web English Teacher
Web English Teacher presents the best K-12 English/Language Arts teaching resources:  lesson plans,  WebQuests videos, biography,  e-texts,  criticism,  jokes,  puzzles,  and classroom activities.


Western New York Public Broadcasting Association
To gain ongoing education updates and classroom utilization ideas. 

Western New York Regional Information Center
 BOCES official site.
Western New York School Library Systems Catalogs
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