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2016 AP Exams/Getting Your Scores
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REGISTRATION (February 15th - April 1st)
Students MUST sign up for AP Exams by reviewing the information and clicking on 'register now' link at the bottom of this page.
If you have an exam conflict see Mrs. O'Connor or your counselor before registering online.

Students registering for a 2016 AP Exam should read the AP Bulletin for Students and Parents


$92 each exam, non-refundable (plus $1.75 transaction processing fee).

Students who qualify for a fee reduction (ie: students receiving FREE and reduced lunch) must see their counselor for a fee reduction registration form.

Students who qualify for a fee reduction DO NOT register online.


Checks, debit and credit cards accepted via online 3rd party secure payment site.

AP Exam Schedule:
Exam Date
Course Title
Exam Time

May 2


7:30a.m.    N. Gym
11:30a.m.  N. Gym

May 3

Spanish Language

7:30a.m. N. Gym

May 4

English Lit. (Berger/Hultgren)
Studio Art Portfolio Collection                                        

7:30a.m. N. Gym
 Per 8 , Rm 149

May 5

Calculus AB                                  

7:30a.m. N. Gym                                            


May 6

US History (APUSH) 


7:30a.m. N. Gym                                     

May 9


7:30a.m. N. Gym

Music Theory7:30a.m. Conf. Rm.
 Physics C: Mechanics11:30a.m. N. Gym

May 10 

Government and Politics

7:30a.m. N. Gym

May 11

English Lang. (Campagna/Heine/Schwarzott)
Economics - Macro                                            

7:30a.m. N. Gym
11:30 am N. Gym 


May 12







11:30a.m. N. Gym

Students will receive information about the exact times and rooms for exams through their AP teachers once they are registered for exams.



Last Modified on February 11, 2016