• Mrs. Roetzer's
    Rules, Expectations and Procedures


    • Averages are broken up into 3 categories
      • 75% Classroom Assessments (tests and quizzes)
      • 15% Homework
      • 10% Participation (POD's, preparedness, extra practice assignments, projects)
    • 1 ½” binder with 5 tabs labeled as follows: P.O.D., notes, homework, tests, other
    • Pencil
    • Ruler
    • Graph paper
    • Lined paper
    • Red pen
    • Scientific calculator TI 34 Multiview
    Expectation #1: Be Ready
    • Come to class with your agenda, binder, homework, pencil, red pen, paper, and calculator
    Expectation #2: Be Respectful
    • Only one person is permitted to speak at a time
    • Always give your full attention to the person speaking
    • Stay in your seat unless a teacher gives you permission
    • Be positive and cooperative in school and life
    • Be polite to adults and peers

    Expectation #3: Be Responsible

    • Follow the student code of conduct at all times
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times

    Expectation #5: Be There

    • Be on time and in your seat when the bell rings
    • Follow the beginning of class procedures


    • Verbal praise
    • Written praise
    • Happy call home
    • Pride in a job well done
    • Raffle tickets
    • Seat card
    • Homework coupon


    • Verbal warning
    • Phone call home
    • In-school/ lunch/ after-school detention
    • Referral to principal
    • Improvement plan




    Beginning of Class

    • Check the table for handouts
    • Go directly to your seat
    • Take out your binder, calculator, and a pencil (put all other materials under your desk)
    • Do the P.O.D. (Problem Of the Day)

    Movement in the Classroom

    • No student is permitted to leave his/her seat without permission
      • Students will raise one finger for permission to sharpen their pencil
      • Students will raise two fingers for permission to go to the bathroom (only during student-centered time)
      • Students will raise three fingers for permission to move within the classroom (i.e. get a tissue or get materials)


    • Students will not be allowed to go to their lockers during class time


    • Students are responsible for making up missed work
    • Students should check their mailbox for a “While You Were Out…” form detailing missed class work and homework assignments


    • Homework is worth 15% of the course grade and should be taken seriously
    • Homework will be assigned daily and checked the following day in class
    • Homework assignments are worth 10 points each and will be graded based on effort
    • Turning in a homework late will result in a 50% grade reduction on that assignment
    • Failure to complete the week's homework will result in a Wednesday after-school detention and/ or lunch detention



Last Modified on September 7, 2018