What is Math AIS?


    Here at LMS, Math AIS can be delivered in 2 different ways.  


    "Co-Taught" Math AIS:

    Students have two math teachers right in their regular math class.  Some of these students are receiving AIS, and others just have the pleasure of having two fantastic teachers at their disposal.  Most students don't even know if they are receiving AIS or not.  Co-teaching allows teachers to approach topics in a variety of ways.  These different methods of teaching give students an opportunity to find success that may not have been achieved in a one-teacher classroom.


    "Math Lab" Math AIS:

    Some students go to "Math Lab" every other day to receive extra math help. This usually takes the place of a study hall.  These small groups will work on remediating skills, helping with classwork that was not understood, and sometimes helping with homework, if needed.      


    There are two things we try to do everyday in "Math Lab":

    1)  Reinforce skills that students had difficulty with in previous years; (solving equations, operations with fractions and decimals, etc.)


    2)  Reinforce what is going on in the regular math class.  (To make sure that students can pass the next test.)


    No matter which way it's being delivered, our goal is to help students feel more successful in (and pass) their math class.

Last Modified on August 27, 2018