Algebra I - Math 8           Lancaster Middle School

    Mrs. Murphy                   2017-2018



    Algebra I   is a High School course to prepare the students to take the New York State Regents Exam in Algebra in  June  2018

     We will follow the Common Core Learning Standards found on the New York State web site:  https://www.engageny.org/common-core-curriculum

    5 Modules in NYS Common Core

    • Relationships between Quantities and Reasoning with Equations and their Graphs
    •  Descriptive Statistics
    •  Linear and Exponential Relationships
    •  Expressions and Equations
    •  Quadratic Functions

     Math 8 is a Pre-Algebra course designed to meet New York State Grade 8 Standards and to prepare students for Common Core Algebra I, which is the first high school math course.

     Topics covered in the Math 8 curriculum focus on three critical areas:

    • Applying equations in one and two variables
    •  Understanding the concept of a function and using functions to describe quantitative relationships
    •  Applying the Pythagorean Theorem and the concepts of similarity and congruence.

     We follow the standards and Modules found on the New York State website:  https://www.engageny.org/common-core-curriculum


    Classroom Requirements and Expectations


    Expectation #1: Be Ready

    • Come to class with your agenda, binder, homework, pencil, red pen, paper, and calculator

    Expectation #2: Be Respectful

    • Only one person is permitted to speak at a time
    • Always give your full attention to the person speaking
    • Stay in your seat unless a teacher gives you permission
    • Be positive and cooperative in school and life
    • Be polite to adults and peers

    Expectation #3: Be Responsible

    • Follow the student code of conduct at all times
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself at all times

    Expectation #5: Be There

    • Be on time and in your seat when the bell rings
    • Follow the beginning of class procedures



    Beginning of Class:

    • Check the table for handouts
    • Go directly to your seat
    • Take out your binder, calculator, and a pencil (put all other materials under your desk)
    • Do the P.O.D. (Problem Of the Day)
    • Write your HW in your agenda

    If you are absent:


    1.     Students should check their mailbox for a “While You Were Out…” form detailing missed class work and homework assignments. 

    2.     You are responsible for all assignments, notes, projects and work done in class. 

      • You have two days for each day you are absent to make up your work. 
      • Absent work must be labeled “ABSENT” at the top of your paper and placed in the basket.

    3.     If you are absent due to a music lesson, you are not considered absent.

      • You need to report to class first,
                                     -  hand in homework
                                     -  write down that day’s assignment
                                     -  Sign out

            You are responsible for everything.

             This means notes and class work too!!

     (Please limit lessons to 1 per month)

    Grading Policy
                                  Algebra I                        Math 8
    Tests /Quizzes                                   75%                Tests/Quizzes                60%
    Homework/ Castle Learning    15%              Homework                      20%
    Participation/Activities         10%              Participation/Activities        20%
    Tests - given at the end of each chapter
    Quizzes-     In class quizzes given throughout chapter


    Each homework assignment is checked for effort and corrections made in RED pen on the following scale:
    1.  all problems are attempted, work shown & corrected  =  full credit
    2.  problems partially completed or     Late = 50%  (Same day late  = 70%)
    3.  NO HOMEWORK = HW Detention

    **Homework Detention** 

    • Students have until Thursday at 2:30 pm to turn in the late homework assignment(s).
    • If the student does not turn in the assignment(s) by 2:30 pm on Thursday, they will have to serve a detention after school on that Thursday in order to complete the assignment.
    • Failure to complete a homework (by the Thursday detention day) will result in after school
       and/or lunch detention.
      Daily grade
            Participate with supplies in class
                 RED pen
                 TEXT book
    POD  (Problem of the day) / Reflection - may have to "explain" a procedure or an algorithm


     It is recommended that all Algebra students maintain an 85% average to continue in the course.  Students will be evaluated at the end of 5 weeks and 10 weeks to determine their status for extra help.


    Supplies needed for Algebra and Pre-Algebra:                                               


    1.               3- ring blue binder 
    2.       Lined paper
          3.         5 Dividers 

    4.              Pencils, pens                                           

    5.              Colored pencils
    6.       RED pen
    7.                 ruler                                            

    8.                 Calculator   

               Algebra - TI-84 Plus CE or 84 Plus graphing calculator
               Pre-Algebra - TI- 30X IIs


    •                Verbal Warning
    •                Phone call home
    •                In school/ lunch/ after school detention
    •                Referral to principal
    •               Improvement plan


    Extra Help:


              Extra help is always available from Mrs. Murphy.  Make arrangement to stay before or after school or if possible, come in during a study hall.  Please let me know if you are having problems.  We will find a time to make it work!




    M       Mature attitude

    U       Use your listening skills

    R        Respect one another

    P        Participate in class

    H       Work Hard (100%) Hundred percent

    Y        Great Year!




    Looking forward to a great year!  


    Mrs. Murphy
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