• Art: Grade 8

    Mrs. Baehre



    Welcome to eighth grade art.  This class will meet every day for the next ten weeks.  During class, we will explore a number of art processes and materials.


    Classroom Rules:    

    1.  Compliance: Obeying the rules and doing what is right. 

    For example, don’t walk around the room to socialize with others.


    2.  Punctuality:  Be on time for class.

    If you are late to class three times, you will receive a referral to the office for detention.


    3. Preparation: Be prepared and ready to learn.

    This means coming to class and bringing all required materials: a sketchbook, pencil and agenda.


    4. Personal Space:  Respect the art room, other students and their property.

    For example, do not touch another student or their artwork and clean up after yourself.


    5. Talking: Know when it is and isn’t an appropriate time to talk.

    There is absolutely no talking when the teacher is addressing the class.  Don’t shout out during class and listen when others are speaking.


    If you choose to break a rule, a verbal warning will be issued followed by an “X”.  If a student receives an “X”, consequences (not necessarily in this order) include:

    ·         Loss of participation points

    ·         Seat relocation

    ·         Parental contact

    ·         Office referral




    You are not going to be graded solely on your artistic ability.  A large part of your grade will come from working hard (effort), thinking about what you are creating, craftsmanship and getting the work in on time.  I expect you to work outside of class when needed.

    Grades will consist of:

    • Studio assignments (class projects)
    • Sketchbook (notebook check) and sketchbook assignments
    • Participation and preparedness for class
    • Final Exam

    All grades will be posted to the parent portal so you can keep track of your progress.





    Materials Needed:

    1 -  Package of #2 pencils (You must have one pencil with you at all times!)

     1-   8 1/2”x11” (can be bigger but not smaller than this size) spiral or bound sketch book (The cheapest one is fine, but please know that the pages fall out of the sketchbooks with the binding on top.)

    1-   Package of colored pencils to use at home for journal assignments (you must bring them in for supply check)


Last Modified on September 16, 2016