• Bienvenidos (Welcome) Parents & Students... 
        This will be a fun and exciting year, as students are introduced to Spanish.  
    I hope to provide insight from my Spanish heritage and share the love I have for the Spanish language and it's culture.   Most importantly, I tell students
    "Don't worry... it's not about perfection, it's about learning how to communicate, 
    I am available after school Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 3:00 in room 114.  
    Please don't hesitate to stop in and say "hola". 
    Students and Parents have the option of signing up for REMIND;
    an informational letter was sent home September 13th and is NOT required.
    What will be communicated through my REMIND : 
    • Homework assignments that are GRADED or worth more than 5 points
    • Projects, Quizzes and Tests 
    • Special events  
     A1 Syllabus : Click HERE for Course Outline   
     Google Classroom!  https://classroom.google.com
          Learning Spanish is not about perfection, it's just about COMMUNICATING!     scroll DOWN to read... 

    What your CHILD can do to succeed in Spanish:

    1. Ask for teacher assistance when needed!
    2. Keep a well organized notebook
    3. Review notes & vocabulary regularly (5-10 minutes daily) to
        avoid cramming for a test
    4. Use an agenda planner to keep track of assignments, tests...
    5. Show interest and have a positive attitude in class.
    6. Hand in all assignments & projects on time
    7. Create flash cards for vocabulary review – create a game!
    8. Complete the "Vocab Man" activities for practice.
    9.  Check out helpful language links for vocab & grammar
        practice activities (Quizlet, Online Textbook, etc.)
    10. Review with friends, older siblings, family members
    What YOU can do to help your child succeed in Spanish:
    1. Help prepare a quiet study place at home with
    no distractions!
         (Privileges such as cell phone use, videogames, Netflix can be rewards afterwards:)
    2. Teach strategies to organize their time effectively.
    3. Check agenda planner and teacher website for
     daily assignments & projects.
    4. Check binder to make sure worksheets are organized and homework is being done
          (show interest, ask your child to explain what they did to reinforce the lesson)
    5.  Check PARENT or STUDENT PORTAL regularly.
    6. Set aside 5 - 10 minutes every night that are specifically for  
         review of Spanish vocabulary/notes.
    7. Make language learning a part of your daily activities.  Learn 
    along with your child!
    8. Make it fun by labeling objects around the house or by playing matching, memory, or             other card games with vocabulary flash cards.
Last Modified on September 27, 2017