LA TAREA (Homework)

  • TAREA: FILL in your ANSWERS for PREGUNTAS #1, #3, y #4; SPEAKING assessment
    week of Jan 29th
    STUDY ALL CHAPTER 1 (Green) VOCAB; UNIT TEST week of Jan 29th
      CHECK parent/student PORTAL for updated grades
    Googleclassroom is a GREAT RESOURCE for STUDYING
    A1 ESPAÑOL assignments: Tarea (HW) is always due the next day, unless specified
    EXTRA Credit:  STARTING October 1st - December 31st 
    Bring in an item you find with Spanish language on it; example: a sticker from fruit or label.
    TAPE or GLUE to a sheet of paper and WRITE the SPANISH COUNTRY, your NAME and Period.
    (up to 5 allowed per marking period) 
    Bring your Spanish BINDER, AGENDA & supplies EVERY DAY..!) 
    REQUIRED SUPPLIES:  3 ring binder with 5 dividers, lined paper, highlighter, dry erase marker, pen or pencil .  
    one subject spiral or composition notebook is optional (for notes & vocab)
    Extra Credit Vocab Man will be assigned for each CHAPTER,USING THE CURRENT VOCAB! and remember to always include the ENGLISH meaning/definition.
    Remember to always CHECK "La Tarea" on "la pizarra" (written on the board) 
    Student doing homework
Last Modified on January 18, 2018