• General Music 7&8
    Responsibilities and Policies
    Course Outline
     Music 7
    Policies and Responsibilities:
    Students are responsible for keeping all of the materials
    given to them in class in their binder.  If a student loses a work sheet
    that is given in class they need to see me after school in
    room 115 to receive a second copy of the sheet. 
    If you are absent, the student is responsible to get any handouts
    or assignments that were given.  In the case of homework you
    have two days to make it up.  Tests need be made up within
    one week of your return to school. (After School)
    Your grade is based on participation, homework, tests,
    projects, the binder, and the music final.  Test corrections
    are offer to raise most test grades.  You can earn half credit
    back by accurately completing test corrections.
    Extra Help:
    Students are welcome to stay after school to receive
    extra help with anything being covered in class.
    Course Outline:
    7 Elements of Music:
     Purpose of the Elements: to make a piece unique, to create
    interest, and to create and appropriate mood. 
    Google Classroom Assignment: Music that Represents Me
    Steady beat, Meter, Rhythm, and Note Values
    Listening feature: Meter 
    The speed at which you perform music.
    Listening feature: identifying and labeling the speed of the beat.
    Google Classroom assignment: SQUILT Journal unit 2
    Duration and Tempo Assessment 
    Series of pitches used to create the tonality of a song. 
    Listening feature: Major vs Minor 
    The volume at which you perform music.
     Listening feature: identifying and labeling the volume of the song
    Google Classroom assignment: SQUILT Journal unit 3
    Pitch and Dynamics Assessment
    The Layering of sound to create interest
      Listening feature: Monophonic, Homophonic, or Polyphonic
    Instrumentation and tone 
      Listening feature: Instrumentation
     Form of the melodic structure
    Listening feature: letter form 
    Google Classroom assignment: SQUILT Journal unit 4
    Texture, Timbre, & Structure Assessment 
    Music & Film Project:
    In class project to apply the 7 elements of music to 
    choosing music that supports the mood of the images in the film. 
     Final Assessment on 7 Elements of Music
    Change your words change your mindset topics:
    Power of perspective, fear of failure, fear of rejection, 
    power of intention... 
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    Phone: 686-3220 ex 7115
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