• The following Intervention Services are offered at William Street School:

    Reading Comprehension:
    Students in reading groups are seen either two or three times weekly.  This decision is based on teacher recommendation (observation), test scores, and classroom performance.
    Students are taught the five basic reading comprehension strategies:
    Activating Schema 
    Making Inferences
    We believe that if students are introduced to these important reading strategies, they will understand what "good readers" do while reading.  In addition to the basic reading strategies, we practice applying reading skills (main idea & details, compare & contrast, fact vs. opinion, author's purpose, cause & effect, summarizing, and figurative language), along with writing and test-taking strategies.
    Students meet in small groups in AIS classrooms to learn and practice these strategies.  Once the strategy has been taught, it is practiced throughout the rest of the school year using various types of text.
    Students in math groups are seen one or two times per week for math support services.  Groups are scheduled so that students do not miss direct instruction within the classroom.
    The AIS math program is designed to give struggling readers support in basic foundational and computational skills.  Focusing on these skills allows students to apply their knowledge when working in their classrooms.
    Read Live:
    Students that are in need of fluency instruction attend a fluency group twice weekly.  During this time, the students use the Read Naturally program, a fluency-based computer program.  This program combines teacher modeling read alouds, repeated readings, and progress monitoring of each student's fluency ability.
    Check out Read Naturally's website here!
    Some students are seen  for an additional day to learn decoding (word attack) strategies.  The program used for decoding is called REWARDS.  This stands for:
    R: Reading
    E: Excellence-
    W: Word
    A: Attack and
    R: Rate
    D: Development
    S: Strategies
    REWARDS is a specialized reading program designed to teach intermediate students a flexible strategy for decoding long words and to increase their oral reading fluency.
Last Modified on April 5, 2017