• We have been talking about the 5 themes of geography, if you want or need help with these, here is a summary I found:
  • Location -- Where are things located? A location can be specific (for example, it can be stated as coordinates of longitude and latitude or as a distance from another place) or general (it's in the Northeast).
  • Place -- What makes a place different from other places? Differences might be defined in terms of climate, physical features, or the people who live there and their traditions.
  • Human-environment interaction -- What are the relationships among people and places? How have people changed the environment to better suit their needs?
  • Movement -- What are the patterns of movement of people, products, and information? A study of movement includes learning about major modes of transportation used by people, an area's major exports and imports, and ways in which people communicate (move ideas).
  • Regions -- How can Earth be divided into regions for study? Regions can be defined by a number of characteristics including area, language, political divisions, religions, and vegetation (for example, grassland, marshland, desert, rain forest).

Also, try here: http://www.funsocialstudies.learninghaven.com/articles/fivethemes.htm