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    Mrs. Flett, Miss Lunger, Mrs. Madison, and Mrs. Schaefer




    Week ending 2/9/2018


    READING, LANGUAGE ARTS (RLA): Our students are becoming better readers!  We have continued to practice main idea and details in order for students to understand what the passage is mostly about.  Students have worked on being able to identify why the author writes a passage- or the author’s purpose.  It’s as easy as P.I.E!  The students are continuing their study on text structures and can identify the structure of “cause and effect”.  Miss Lunger continued teaching about opinion writing this week. We took some time to realize that the words we use - loaded words- can put a “spin” on our writing to encourage or discourage the reader. Then we began to examine passages to find evidence to support our opinions. Next week, we'll be putting this evidence to good use.


    MATH: Mrs. Madison and Mrs. Schaefer:   We have begun Unit 5 which focuses on measurement. This week we learned customary units of measurement and practiced converting measurements using multiplication or division.  Students reviewed the proper way to measure using a ruler and can measure to the nearest ¼ inch.  Students also learned daily life skills like how to solve elapsed time problems as well as problems about perimeter and area.  We will wrap up this section of unit 5 next week.  The students will take the Unit 5a Assessment on Tuesday, February 13th and Thursday, February 15th.  Students will need to do at least 4 Xtramath lessons at home.


    SCIENCE: Mrs. Flett:  This week we worked on understanding that waves have a pattern of up and down motion as well as back and forth  motion. The students experimented with water to create waves and slinkies to see the crest and trough of a wave. They observed and recorded their observations. Finally, this week, we read some science nonfiction and practiced the reading skills of determining the important facts versus the interesting or non-important facts, as well as using text details to answer a question. We also worked on using the context clue of finding the definition when the author states it using the verb “is”. An example would be “ Energy is the ability to do work.” Next week we will finish up this subunit of waves.


    SOCIAL STUDIES: Miss Lunger: This week in Social Studies we discussed how the European Explorers were looking for the Northwest Passage, and that is how they “discovered” America. In addition we discussed how the Native Americans were already living on this land and so when we say, “discovered” we mean that it was new to the Europeans. We also discussed the differences between the way the Europeans and Native Americans conducted business, and that the Native Americans didn’t understand the meaning of “buying and selling.” They were used to a system of trading and sharing. They didn’t think the Europeans were here to stay!

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