• Monday:
    Pagano- Read 10-15 pages and post it (write a summary of what you read)
    Pershyn- Graded worksheet and quiz tomorrow
    Science: Quiz on Thursday (pgs.2a & 3a) Scientific method
    Social Studies- Quiz on Friday 
    ELA: Read 10-15 pages
    Science: Study for quiz (see above)
    Social Studies- Finish map packet and Study for quiz on Friday- see study guide
    ELA- Pagano-Read 10-15 pages
    Math- Independent practice
    Science-Study for quiz tomorrow
    Social Studies-Study for quiz on Friday
    ELA: Read 15 pages and post it (summary)
    Math: Pershyn- Independent Practice
    Social Studies: Study for the quiz tomorrow (see study guide)
    ***Friday folder will come home every Friday.  Please look through the papers in the folder and sign where it says "parent signature."  Return folder on Monday.
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