• Reading and Language Arts 

    with Mrs. Riggio

    Guided Reading 
    Students will continue to develop their reading skills in groups using leveled readers, both fiction and nonfiction
    selections. The nonfiction books correlate with the fifth grade Science and Social Studies curriculum, which reinforce
    concepts students are expected to learn this year. Novels are also used in the teaching of reading strategies and
    improving the students' reading fluency.
    Reading Short Stories 
    Students will be guided through a variety of story selections each week.
    Reading at Home
    Students are required to read at least one novel at home each month.
    To locate books available in the William Street School Media Center and to find out if your book choice is written
    at your independent reading level (grade level 3-4 for most fifth grade students)
    Visit the William Street School Media Center Homepage:

    Reading Language Arts Units 
    Module 1: Becoming a Close Reader and Writing to Learn: Stories of Human Rights 
    • Building Background Knowledge on Human Rights
    • Esperanza's Story
    Module 2A: Researching to Build Knowledge and Teaching Others: Biodiversity in Rainforests 
    • Building Background Knowledge: How Scientists Communicate About the Living Things of the Rainforest
    • Case Study: The Most Beautiful Roof in the World and the work of rainforest scientist Meg Lowman 
    • Reading and Writing Like a Scientist: Observing Nature, Conducting Research, and Creating a Field Journal
     Visit Engage NY to learn more about each unit.   
    Grammar Units: 
    Sentences, Nouns,  Verbs,  Adjectives, Pronouns, Adverbs, Prepositions, Interjections
     Personal Narrative, Infographic, Explanatory, Persuasive, Expository, Writing that Compares
Last Modified on August 15, 2016