• Science/Health Units of Study         giraffe eating
    • Human Growth and Development
    • Diseases
    • Dealing with Feelings
    • Foods and Good Nutrition

    Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems
    • Body Systems...Organs, Functions, and Interactions
    • Living Environment...Plants, Animals, & Ecosystems
    Earth's Systems
    • Lithosphere: Rocks and Minerals...Our Precious Planet
    • Atmosphere: What's the Weather? Nitrogen Cycle & Carbon Cycle 
    • Hydrosphere: Water, Water, Everywhere!
    • Biosphere: How organisms interact with the land, water, and air
    Space: Earth, Moon, and Sun...Our Solar System and Beyond!
    Matter and Its Interactions
    • Structure and Properties of Matter
    • Chemical Reactions 
    Detailed curriculum outline available at Next Generation Science   
Last Modified on March 22, 2014