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    Please keep in mind that whatever is written in your child's agenda will be the actual assignment. There will be times when an assignment is changed or even omitted. If this is different from what has been written in the agenda, chances are an assignment has been changed. Bear in mind, if it is ALWAYS different, your child may need some help in copying the board correctly. I will try to catch that before it comes home, but if I don't, send me a note. I will post study guides here as well.

    Remember to CHECK THE AGENDA! It may be different from what is on this site. I set this up one time per week and at times we need to change assignments. The agenda will reflect the up to date assignments. Your child is responsible for what is written in the agenda.


    Please be aware that at times I will give your child a quiz. I do not list here when they will happen, as I give them when I deem the children ready. I do tell the children here in school to be ready for a quiz, that one is coming up soon and I do have them write on papers  "Know For Test". We review the information right before the quiz as well.


    6/5/17 - 6/9/17
    Both: Study for Math facts

      F AND S: Finish PARCC Benchmark test B- due tomorrow for a grade
    Both: End of Year test is Thursday and Friday 6/8 and 6/9
    Flett: Finish finding definitions for this week's vocabulary. Test on Thursday ; 
    S: Spelling Lesson 28 Sort
    BOTH: Read 20 minutes and  complete May log

    Both Practice math facts
    F word problems
    Both: End of Year test is Thursday and Friday 6/8 and 6/9
    F- Flett: Finish "Text Structures" 
    Schaefer: Lesson 28 ABC Order
    Both Classes: Read 20 and log. 

    BOTH: Study math facts
    F: Extra Credit Packet , due Monday 6/12
    Both: End of Year test is Thursday and Friday 6/8 and 6/9

    F-Finish "Main Idea"
     S: Lesson 28 Sentences
    BOTH- Read 20 minutes  and record on May log

    Study math facts
    F:Extra Credit Packet- Due Monday
    Both: End of Year test is Thursday and Friday 6/8 and 6/9
    F- TFK- read entire issue, annotate cover article, complete back page 
    S: Lesson 28 Three times each
    BOTH- Read 20 minutes EACH night and record on May log

    Practice math facts
    F and S: Read 20 minutes each night and log

    Parents- read over and sign Week In Review; Return to school on Monday with your child

     Click here for RECAP: app.letsrecap.com/student/login

    We will be taking the NYS ELA assessment on the computer this year. Here is a link in which your child can practice. We will be practicing in school as well. ny.nextera.questarai.com/tds/#practice

      Measurement Conversion Chart link: click here 
    Social Studies Textbook

    Model format.
    Websites for fractions: if these don't open- try to cut and paste the addresses 
    Reading Record
    UPS paper
    Play "Farkel" at home. Here are the directions:
    Here are the directions to the game "OH NO! 99!"
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