•  Why be a part of leadership?”

     The leadership academy provides a comprehensive learning environment in which students develop their decision making, goal setting, time management, communication, and eventually event planning skills.  Through working with other students and learning on the fly, prospective members will gain real life experience in affecting positive change on their surroundings.  

    A Student Oriented Academy 

    As a student oriented and largely student run academy, we feel that it is important that you hear about us from the students.  Responsibilities from maintaining the website and twitter, to maintaining the Leadership Academy bank account ledger, to planning huge projects like the bonfire or cookie marathon fall on the students, which is an exciting way to get real life experience and to learn on the fly.  We want to give you a view into the academy through the eyes of the students that make it up.  


    As a part of the Leadership Academy, you will:


    • Develop skills for success in college, career & life:


    Time management

    Problem solving






    Positive risk-taking

    Stress management

    Goal setting

    Conflict resolution

    Meeting management

    Professional writing skills

    Presentation skills

    Public speaking

    Community service



    • Experience an Internship Program where you will interact with adult leaders in the community that will lead to valuable on-site leadership experiences and future networking opportunities


     For the community, you will:


    • Provide the Lancaster community with positive, responsible, productive citizens to accept leadership roles in various capacities

    • Develop active youth participation in community programs through the service-learning component

    • Promote interaction with community partners who hold leadership positions in government, business and civic organizations, as well as educational institutions, through the Internship component

    • Enhance pride and respect between high school students and community

    For yourself, you will:
    • Create connections and friendships with your peers that will last a lifetime
    • Become more confident regarding others as well as with everything that you do
    • Learn important life skills that will help you along whatever future path you choose to follow



Last Modified on January 12, 2018