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    ABCs of Mrs. Dowling
    Andra is my first name.  It's always said and spelled wrong! (Ah-n-dra)
    Buffalo is where I was born.
    Canisius College is where I went to school!  I loved it!
    Does anyone like being crafty, just like me?
    Every single day I read a book.  I like mysteries, memoirs, beach reads, and best sellers.
    Fountain drinks are my secret love, especially if they are filled with Diet Pepsi!
    Grammar is something I am very picky about!
    Holidays are great, especially Christmas!
    Ice cream is my all-time favorite dessert, especially chocolate chip with peanut butter or Blizzards!
    Judy Blume is my favorite children's author.
    Knitting is my very favorite hobby!
    Leah is the name of my oldest daughter!  She is in 3rd grade with Mrs. Sepe.
    Massachusetts is where I lived and taught for 6 years before coming back to Buffalo! Go Sox!
    Needlepoint is another hobby that I love.  
    Onions and mushrooms are disgusting!
    Patrick is the name of my husband.
    Quiet time at night to watch my shows makes me happy!
    Ryan and Regan are the names of my twin son and daughter, and Riley is our dog.
    Singing is definitely not something I am good at, but I do it anyway!
    Tacos and tortilla chips are the best fast food for me, especially from Moe's!
    University of Buffalo is where I went to graduate school and learned to be a teacher!
    Very often, I like to figure out new things with technology.
    Watching my kids play sports is one of my favorite things to do!
    eXtremely big spiders scare me!
    Yard work is not my favorite thing!
    Zipping away for a "Family Day" is something I look forward to.
Last Modified on August 21, 2018