In third grade we follow a phonics based spelling program.  This will assist in developing a better understanding of spelling patters that your child can apply to future reading and writing.  These ideas are based on a multi-sensory approach to learning and the Orton-Gillingham Program.
    It is valuable for students to learn patterns and how to phonetically sound out words rather than to simply memorize a short list of words for a test.  The skills will continue to build upon the previous week's pattern and increase in difficulty. 
    We will be practicing our spelling skills each day in class with various multisensory approaches therefore the students will not have any homework that is due to me this year.  I will send home the list starting in October on Mondays so the students can practice throughout the week for a few minutes each night.  I will send home a list of suggestions to help make practicing fun!  We will take a weekly spelling test with a dictated sentence each Friday to track your child's progress.