• Homework Policy

    I hope that you will help reinforce the importance of nightly homework with your child.  Your child should always take pride in their work and do their best job.  This means that homework needs to be returned on time completed neatly and done in pencil.

    Please help your child, and myself, by reinforcing the idea that it is the student’s responsibility to complete their homework and to remember to bring it back to school.  Please help your child come to school ready to learn.  It is their job to be prepared.

    Helping your child learn these valuable life long skills early on will be to their advantage.  Please use the Daily Agenda Planner as a tool in completing assignments including recording your child’s reading choices each night.  Please impress on your child how important reading is.  Your support and encouragement are needed.





    Goals For Your Child In My Classroom


    ·        To instill life long learning

    ·        For each child to love to read and write

    ·        To develop the whole child

    ·        To build on children’s successes

    ·         To use a variety of instructional strategies and methods to help all students learn

    ·        Respect student’s needs and personal goals

    ·        For students to learn to evaluate themselves as a learner/not compared to anyone else

    To make learning fun so all children are successful.