• Family Literacy
    good readers
    "How can I help my child comprehend what he/she is reading?"
    "What can I do at home?"
    "By doing simple things like reading to your child, sharing your thinking about what you read, and telling your child stories, you can help her/him develop the foundation needed to become an avid reader"(p3).
    "Just find a little time every day, even if it's only 15 minutes, to read with your child.  Talk about what you're reading.  Share what goes through your mind.  Guard this time!  That's what it takes to create the root system for a great reader"(p9).
    Seven Keys to Comprehension
    by Susan Zimmermann and Chryse Hutchins
    Motion Picture of the Mind:
    Key 1: Sensory Images
    Making Connections
    Key 2: Background Knowledge
    Why, What, Where, Who, and How
    Key 3: Questioning
    Weaving Sense into Words
    Key 4: Drawing Inferences
    What's Important and Why
    Key 5: Determining Importance
    Key 6: Synthesizing
    Cultivating Awareness
    Key 7: Fix-Up Strategies
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