• Celebration
    Birthday Procedures
    1.  Children in the class will each make a card for the birthday child.
    2.  I will put the cards together in a booklet
    3.  You may send in a treat, napkins, and a drink.  Please remember we are an allergy alert classroom.  All treats much be taken from our      Allergy Alert          list or you may contact the our nurse, Mrs. Wolian and ask for her approval.  Thank you.  
    4.  If a treat is brought in to share with the class, we will wait to celebrate when it fits best into our schedule.
         Parents do not come in for the celebration.  You may come in to have lunch with your child but you need to call the office to make a        reservations.
    5.  We have 20 students and one teacher in the classroom.  Children are not allowed to go to other classrooms or special areas to pass out       more treats.
    6.  If you bring treats in the morning, please ask the office if you could bring them down to the classroom.
    7.  If you bring the treats in after school is already in session, please just leave treats in the office.  The office will call us and the birthday      child and a           friend can go to get them.
    8.  If you have any questions or concerns about what to do, call my classroom remind system and leave a message, or call the school and      leave me a           message or send in a note and I will get back to you as quick as I can.
                 Thank you for your cooperation.  Your son or daughter will have a great birthday celebration!