• What's done when

    There have been a few changes in the area of Vision/Hearing and Scoliosis.
    Below is a brief schedule of what screening is done at each grade level
    Kdg      They get the works:  Distant, Near,and Color vision, 
                are checked as well as a Hearing screening (They will also be needing a
                Health Appraisal from your MD)
    Gr. 1      Vision and Hearing will be done
    Gr. 2      Vision   (And Health Appraisal)
    Gr. 3      Vision and Hearing
    Please Remember a vision or hearing screening can be done anytime upon request
             Either from home or teacher, I'm always available to check the children
             whenever the need should arise     
    Scoliosis screening will now be checked in 5th - 9 th grades.         
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Last Modified on April 22, 2014