• PE Procedures

                1.  Socks and sneakers - Slip on shoes do not provide stability during movement and allow the foot to slide around during vigorous activity, which is unsafe for your child. Sandals, heelies, boots, crocs, dress shoes, flip- flops, hiking shoes, and especially high heeled platform sneakers are not acceptable for the activities your child will be doing.  Shoes such as TOMS or Sperry boat shoes are NOT appropriate for physical education. 

    2. Proper attire - Students should wear clothing that is comfortable for them to move in.  It is suggested that girls do not wear dresses or skirts on physical education days.  If wearing a skirt, shorts or leggings underneath is suggested.
    3.  Medical Excuses - Notes from a parent are good for two days.  If a child needs to sit out for more than two days, then a note from a Doctor must be provided.
    4.  Kindergarten and 1st grade - Students attend PE four times a week for 30 minutes.
    5.  2nd and 3rd grade - Students attend PE three times a week for 40 minutes.

Last Modified on September 16, 2016