• Monthly Marathon


    During the last week of each month every 2nd & 3rd grade

    Physical Education class will take part in a “marathon run.”  


    How we do it:  We begin in September with the “3 Minute Marathon.”  Students attempt to jog for 3 continuous minutes (without walking) to become members of  the September 3 Minute Marathon Club.  If a student drops out, he/she will continue to participate as a walker. 


    Successful students will be listed in the Physical Education bulletin board.


    Month                      Time                        

    September                3 minutes               

    October                    4 minutes                

    November                 5 minutes                

    December                 6 minutes               

    January                    7 minutes               

    February                  8 minutes                
    March                      9 minutes  
    April                        10 minutes              
    May                         11 minutes   



     Marathon Club:  At the end of the school year, anyone who has completed all 9 marathons will be inducted into the "JAS Marathon Club".  These members are honored with certificates and a special Marathon Club gift.



Last Modified on January 26, 2018