• Chapter 4 is entitled Nutrition...and the title speaks for itself!  In this comprehensive chapter, students will be learning about the six classes of nutrients needed for the body and how to read a food nutrition label.  Reading labels is a valuable skill to learn when trying to properly manage your weight and stay healthy.  Positive body image and eating disorders are also discussed in this chapter.
    Click here for the chapter 4 (#1-15) vocabulary worksheet.
    Were you absent for the nutrient PowerPoint presentation?  Click here for the alternative project. 
    Don't forget about the extra credit opportunity!!!! Ask Mrs. DiMarco for a copy and the due date!!!! Bonus points! Bonus points! Bonus points!
    Did you know that the food pyramid changed to a plate?  Click here for an interesting article about it!
    www.choosemyplate.gov is an excellent website to help support the learning of nutrition and physical activity!
    Want to compare the calorie content of two foods?  Click here 
    Want to plan and track your diet? Click here 
    Check out a few great recipes under the News & Notes section of Mrs. DiMarco's webpage!
    Are you ready for the chapter 3 & 4 test?  Click here for the chapter 3 & 4 study guide!
    Did you use the packet entitled "Choosing Healthy Foods" to help you study for the test?  
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