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    Common Questions
    What is Writing & Communications?
    This is a a new course that was added during the 2012-2013 school year.We have found that all students could benefit from additional writing instruction, so every fourth grade student will participate in this course.Your child and his/her class will visit my classroom three times a week (forty minutes each session) for half of the school year.For the other half of the year, your child will participate in art. The students will receive an abundance of writing instruction in the regular classroom.When they visit my class they will take part in even more creative writing activities to truly move the students along as life-long writers.Main objectives for the school year include learning about the writing process, different types of writing (mainly opinion/argument, narrative, and informational/explanatory), the craft of writing (focus, details, voice, etc.), as well as revising and editing. In addition, your child will practice keyboarding skills and communication skills as they present their writing in unique ways.
    What will my child need for your class?
    To help the students with their writing goals, I am asking for each student to bring in a two-pocket folder with prongs and a composition notebook.  The folder will mainly stay in the classroom, as this will contain writing samples and rubrics. Students can bring folders home at any time to share their work, but I ask that the work stay in their folders so that we can analyze work samples over time.  The notebook will travel between the writing classroom, your child's homeroom, and home so that they can use this as both a classroom tool and a personal writing journal.  We also would appreciate any paper that could be donated to our classroom supply. 
    Will my child receive homework in your class?
    Most of the writing work will be done during class time, but there will be times when I ask the students to gather ideas and do some writing outside of the classroom. During class, students are expected to be working diligently to complete all tasks. Assignments will only be sent home if students are unable to finish during class time.
    How will my child be graded?
    Students will receive a percentage grade at the end of each quarter.  Students will be graded on small writing pieces and larger writing assignments throughout the course.  All assignments will be scored using a rubric/checklist which the students will examine prior to starting the writing piece.  Students will have the opportunity to revise and edit with their peers. I will also have conference time to help guide the students to achieve new writing goals.  See the course syllabus for additional grading procedures.  All grades will be posted to Parent Portal. Please contact me if you have any questions about your child's grade. Graded assignments can be viewed through Google Classroom.
    Where can I view my child's work?
    The students will be using Google Classroom to create most of their writing pieces. They will then be sharing these documents with me for feedback. Students can access their papers and my feedback from school, home, or any computer. To see your child's work, please have him/her log into his/her Google account to show you current work. If you would ever like to see your child's Writing & Communications folder which contains highlighted rubrics, your child may bring it home at any time.
    How can I help my child be a better writer at home?
    I encourage the students to write whenever possible.  The more often students write, the better they will write.  Below are some ideas for incorporating writing into your home environment.  Also, I have incorporated many links to games and activities on this website for students to play at home.
Last Modified on November 28, 2017