• What is Lancaster Island?
    Lancaster Island is a virtual reality environment that we use as a tool to supplement and enrich instruction here at LMS. The program currently is run by social studies teachers, but efforts are being made to expand this to foreign language and other departments.
    John Brown Trial
    Mr. McCarville's 7th grade students conducting the "Mock Trial of John Brown."
    Through the use of their own avatars, students participate in a variety of activities and simulations which allow for delivery of course content in an exciting way. It looks and feels like a video game to students, but it is much more than that. Everything we do on the island is geared towards course content and instruction. It just does not feel that way to students.
    Rinow War of Peace
    Mr. Rinow's 7th grade students playing "War or Peace" game to learn about imperialism.
    Students are active participants in activities and simulations, which helps them develop a deeper understanding of concepts and course content.
    WWI Trenches2 WWI Trenches
    Mr. LoTempio's 8th Grade students during the activity/simulation "WWI Letters From the Trenches."
Last Modified on September 6, 2012