Students participating in interscholastic sports must have a current physical (within one calendar year) on file in the Health Office before they are allowed to try out for a sport. Physicals from your private medical doctor are being accepted by the Lancaster Central School District (LCSD).  A copy of the physical must be on file in the Health Office before any student will be allowed to participate in the sport (this includes tryouts). A Health Appraisal Form for your physician to fill out is available on our website under "Health Forms".  All physicals for Fall sports must be handed into the Health Office by August 1.  They can be either faxed, emailed or sent by U.S. mail to the nurse's office.  If your child had a physical over the past couple of months and you have not sent it to the nurse's office, please submit before the end of the school year.  By doing so it will help the process of your son/daughter be able to start on time.
    Fax number -- 686-3268 (during school year)     686-3347 (during the summer)
    Email -- lceppaglia@lancasterschools.org         lpalma@lancasterschools.org
    Address:  Lancaster High School, 1 Forton Drive, Lancaster, NY  14086    Attn: Health Office
    The LCSD will still continue to offer physicals by the school physician at no charge prior to each sport season and, in the spring, for the next school year. A parent/guardian must contact the health office to sign their son/daughter up to obtain a physical.  No student will be scheduled for a sports physical unless we personally here from you, the parent. 
    Physicals for sports for the 2018-2019 school year will take place on May 10.  If you wish to have your son/daughter obtain a physical by the school physician, you must contact the health office.  The Health Office will take calls, e-mails, etc. to schedule a physical between Monday, April 9 through Friday, April 27.  Please call (716) 686-3266 or (716) 686-3343 to schedule an appointment or email at:
    eceppaglia@lancasterschools.org    or lpalma@lancasterschools.org
Last Modified on April 10, 2018