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    • There are a total of five morning sessions and four afternoon sessions.
    • Morning Class: 9:00-11:30 and Afternoon Class: 12:15-2:45 (times may be subject to change).
    • There are 18 children in each class.
    • In each classroom, there is one head teacher certified in Early Childhood Education.
    • Every teacher has an assistant teacher.
    • Each teacher encourages parent communication through conferences, email, and phone.
     Below is more information about each of the Carousel Academy teachers.
    Mrs. McNutt
    Room 106
    (716) 686-3200 ext. 1113
    • Mrs. McNutt has been working with preschool aged children for 4 years. She attended Daemen College where she studied Early Childhood and Special Education. Mrs. McNutt also attended Canisius College where she obtained her Master's Degree in Education Technologies and Emerging Media. She then went on to earn her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Walden University. "To watch a young child, learn, play, and grow is why I love teaching preschool. Their love of learning is pure; and when they finally succeed, it makes it all worth it in my eyes."

    Mrs. Thomas
    Room 107
    (716) 686-3200 ext. 1113
    • Mrs. Thomas has taught pre-k for nine years. She has also substitute taught, tutored, and worked with children at a summer program for 14 years. Mrs. Thomas attended SUNY Fredonia where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Childhood Education. She also received her Master's Degree in Educational Technology from Buffalo State College. She is permanently certified in both Early Childhood and Childhood Education. "Preschool is an exciting time and I cherish the influence that I have not only on each child's outlook on education but also on their life. In my classroom, each child will feel safe, confident, and free to be themselves. I work to create an engaging classroom that inspires each child to have a lifelong love of learning, exploration, discovery, and play." 

    Mrs. Utech
    Room 108 
    (716) 686-3200 ext. 1113
    • Mrs. Utech has been working with children since 2001. She received her Bachelor's degree from Buffalo State College in Elementary Education and her Master's degree in Literacy from Medaille. Mrs. Utech has experience both as a pre-k teacher and as an Early Childhood Center Director. "I believe that the classroom environment should be a fun, hands-on, safe place where children sing, dance, and learn in engaging ways. I hope to help teach my children to be confident, how to be kind to others, and to love learning. In my classroom, I want my students to feel free to explore, be themselves, try new things, and most importantly, feel loved."
    Miss Harris
    Room 109
    (716) 686-3200 ext. 1113
    • Miss Harris has taught pre-k for seven years. She also has 15 years of experience teaching kindergarten, a kindergarten/1st grade multi-age classroom, a kindergarten/1st grade looping classroom, a 1st/2nd grade looping classroom, and as a reading assistant. Miss Harris earned her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Buffalo State College. She also received her Master's Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Classroom Reading from Buffalo State College. She is certified in pre-k to grade 6 and special education birth to grade 6. 

      A successful classroom is where a child can build up their confidence, get messy, learn how to win and lose, feel safe enough to attempt new things, laugh, dance, and express their thoughts and feelings. Each year I feel so lucky to recreate this place with students and their families."

    Mrs. DeAngelis
    Room 110 
    (716) 686-3200 ext. 1113
    • Mrs. DeAngelis has been teaching pre-k for nine years. She also taught kindergarten for six years. Mrs. DeAngelis received her Bachelor of Science in Education from SUNY Fredonia and her Masters in Education with a concentration in Early Childhood from the State University of New York at Buffalo. "The preschool year is such an exciting time. Children learn and grow so much academically and socially in those early years. It is truly rewarding to be a part of it all."