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     Off-HandShooting lineRifle Club

    2017-2018 Informational Meeting: Room 120 at 2:40PM on October 31st 2017

    (Meeting will end around 3:00PM, Parents should pick you up at the back parking lot. Late bus is at 3.30PM) 

     **Applications will be available online after the meeting 
    *Application period is from from 10.31.2017-11.7.2017
     A.R.C. Application 



    December-March, Mondays  2.30-3.30PM, Tuesdays 6.45-7.30AM and LMS A.R.C. range and LHS Varsity Rifle range as permitted. The club's meeting location will be chosen according to student and faculty safety. A location will be agreed upon by the advisor and administration.

    Goals and Objective:

    The Rifle Club is intended to provide students with opportunities to build discipline in competitive sport at an age appropriate level and in a manner that allows the greatest amount of participation. The club will provide an initial involvement in school related competitive sports for 7th and 8th grade students.

    The rifle program, particularly in the early middle school years, focuses on teaching the fundamentals of sportsmanship, team participation, and athletic competition in a setting that allows participation among students with a broad range of athletic ability.

    Principal parts of a rifle, action types, and how they function will be demonstrated. NRA rules for safe gun handling will be explained, applied and adopted through the club for future use when around or using rifles. Handling rifles in a safe manner will be demonstrated and stressed.


    The program is designed to assist with athletic development, skill development, and a basic understanding of shooting. It is also aimed at encouraging student participation in recreational sporting events. Students will learn and demonstrate proper shooting techniques for four positions; prone and kneeling, sitting, and standing. They will be evaluated in accordance to
    their score.

     LMS ARC

    The Membership list is posted outside room 120 by **November 10th** 
    **Due to space limitations and safety concerns, we were only able to accept a predetermined number of participants. Participation will be based on teacher, staff, counselor, and administrator recommendations.


    *Safety Meeting will be Monday November 20th from 2.30PM-3.30PM. All members and alternates should attend!! Membership fees will be discussed at this time.

    Advisor: M.Gembar


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