Lancaster Central School District

Centers of Learning and Growth

Used for district complete and searchable directories

Last Name First Name Title Location Phone Email
Abendschein Carol Bus Driver Transportation 686-3290
Abraham Jr. John Social Studies Teacher High School 686-3255
Acenowr Matthew Music Teacher William Street School 686-3800
Adamec Theresa Assistant Principal High School 686-3295
Adams Catherine School Monitor Como Park Elementary 686-3235
Ahl Jr. Eric Mechanic Transportation 686-3290
Airey Diane School Monitor Middle School 686-3220
Aldrich Victoria Bus Driver Transportation 686-3290
Alexander Janice Computer Aide Middle School 686-3220
Alfano Gina Grade 4 Teacher William Street School 686-3800
Allgaier Sally Grade 6 Teacher William Street School 686-3800
Ambrose Joanne Teacher's Aide Como Park Elementary 686-3235
Ambrose Kelly English Teacher High School 686-3255
Amey Tracy Kindergarten Teacher Como Park Elementary 686-3235
Anderson Stephanie Special Education Teacher John A. Sciole Elementary 686-3285
Andrews Debra Teacher's Aide William Street School 686-3800
Andrews Matthew English Teacher High School 686-3255
Andrews Robert Bus Attendant Transportation 686-3290
Andrews Timothy Maintenance Mechanic Buildings and Grounds 686-3209
Anstett Megan Special Education Teacher High School 686-3255
Anthon Shelly Bus Driver Transportation 686-3290
Anzalone Jennie Reading Teacher Court Street Elementary 686-3240
Anzalone Mark Physical Education Teacher William Street School 686-3800
Aquino Donna Physical Education Teacher Middle School 686-3220
Arcadi Stephanie Teacher's Aide Court Street Elementary 686-3240