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  • Thank you to everyone who came out to support our budget, capital project, and bus proposition, all of which were approved by voters. Congratulations to Mrs. Brenda Christopher and Mrs. Kelly Depczynski for being elected to the board of education. See 'Headlines' for complete election results. 
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  • Budget 2015-16
    Information on the $99.94 million proposed budget for 2015-16 has been posted on the district's website. Read more here. 
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  • BOE Meeting Location Updates
    The location for the following board of education meetings has been changed to the Lancaster High School auditorium:  April 21, June 8, and June 22.
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  • District Calendar
    The Lancaster Central School District 2015-2016 calendar has been approved by the board of education and can be viewed here: 2015-16 Calendar at a Glance
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Dear Lancaster Parents, Family, and Friends...
Thank you to this community’s ardent supporters who rallied for ending the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) and raising awareness that schools like ours are in dire need of funding reforms.  On a cold March day, parents, faculty, administrators, concerned taxpayers, and I joined with our ‘rivals’ in Depew to send a clear message to Albany that our schools have been stretched to the limit and adequate, equitable funding needs to be restored. 
The legislature passed its budget on time and the state has awarded us an increase of $3.6 million in aid; but, as often is the case with Albany, there are strings attached. In order to receive the aid, the state is requiring school districts to renegotiate annual professional performance reviews (APPRs) and have a plan approved by the state by November 15, 2015.  With $3.6 million in aid hanging in the balance, the school district has crafted a budget that is below the tax cap and has a modest tax levy increase (1.83%). 
During the last several years of lost revenue, we have been fortunate to maintain a nationally-acclaimed music program, athletics, and extracurricular activities, largely due to the ongoing support of this great community. We have reasonable class sizes, and we are unique in Western New York with six college and career preparatory academies. Our positive outcomes continue to soar, most recently achieving the highest graduation rate in Western New York, 98 percent in 2014, the same year we recorded our highest-ever Business First ranking at #6 out of 98 school districts. 
When politicians say our public schools are failing and your taxpayer dollars are being wasted, Lancaster’s story represents irrefutable evidence to the contrary. We’ve invested your hard-earned tax dollars in creating programs that work for EVERY student. Our K-12 mastery numbers are among the highest in the region, and Lancaster High School has been named a New York State Reward School for Academic Achievement. 
On May 19, voters will be asked to consider three propositions. Proposition 1 is a $99.9 million budget, reflecting a 1.83 percent tax levy increase. Proposition 2 is a $57.3 million capital improvement project with no additional tax impact, and Proposition 3 calls for approval to draw from our transportation reserve fund to purchase eight buses, also with no tax impact. Voters will also be tasked with electing two board members who will help steward our district’s future. 
Soon you will be receiving mailings regarding the vote. We’ve posted resources on our website, including video, which can be viewed at I encourage you to peruse these materials so that you can cast an informed vote; but more importantly, please join us for the candidates’ forum, at 6pm, Lancaster High School auditorium on May 11, followed immediately by the annual budget meeting.   
Michael J. Vallely, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools 



Mission Statement

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The Lancaster Central School District's purpose
is to provide our students
with a comprehensive educational program that will allow them to develop fully 
the necessary academic and social skills 
to become responsible and productive members of a democratic society.