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Join the Lancaster District PTO Council and the Lancaster Family Support Center for this valuable information series, beginning Tuesday, November 18. Open to all parents and caregivers of the Lancaster Central School District. 


Dear Lancaster Parents, Family, and Friends...

With just a little over one month of school behind us, the school buildings and our classrooms are abuzz with activity and our students, faculty, and staff are back in the swing of things.

I hope everyone involved in the school community has had the chance to experience at least one event, from open houses, various mixers, academy kick-offs, and dances, to music performances and athletic contests. It's only October and we have already seen seniors sign letters of intent to accept athletic scholarships; received the names of a record number of AP Scholars; accepted a banner from the New York Public School Athletic Association as a School of Distinction; and been recognized by the Western New York STEM Hub (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as one of a handful of Emerging School Systems.

One does not have to look far to witness firsthand the impressive things that take place in our school community. Lancaster Central School District has an amazing sense of community and this sense of common bond was reflected in the way in which faculty, and staff, volunteers, parents, and friends all came together to help a family and classmates cope with the grief and loss over one of our own. Over and over again during that difficult time, I heard that our deeply-rooted sense of family, of community, is what makes Lancaster truly the special place it is to live and learn.

At the forefront of making this school district special is a team of caring volunteers, your board of education. Board members receive no compensation and serve, during sometimes extraordinarily difficult times, to guide and support policy and direction for the school district. They are the unsung heroes of our organization and truly deserve our thanks and appreciation.

October 27-31 officially marks New York School Board Recognition Week, and I would like to take this time to publicly thank the community servants you elected to represent you on our board of education: Kenneth Graber, Esq., board president; Patrick Uhteg, board vice president; and Wendy Buchert, Bill Gallagher, Marie MacKay, Kim Nowak, and Michael Sage, trustees.

In addition to their traditional roles, this year our school board board members will be guiding us through the challenging task of reviewing options for a potential bond issue campaign as well as helping us maintain the delicate balance of fiscal prudence with exceptional educational programming.

Please join me in thanking these remarkable individuals. They are your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and elected representatives. They are ever-present at school events and a gesture as simple as a handshake is often all that is needed for them to know that we, as a community, appreciate their tireless efforts on behalf of the children of this outstanding school district.
Michael J. Vallely, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools 



Mission Statement

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The Lancaster Central School District's purpose
is to provide our students
with a comprehensive educational program that will allow them to develop fully 
the necessary academic and social skills 
to become responsible and productive members of a democratic society.