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Dear Lancaster Parents, Family, and Friends...
Any educator will tell you that there are always students who they can pick out as someone who is going to achieve great things in life. We look at all children through the same lens, but, as parents and educators whether we choose to admit it or not, there are always a handful of individuals who rise to the top and their promise and potential are undeniable.       

A couple of weeks ago, the Lancaster Educational and Alumni Foundation held a Distinguished Alumni Wall of Honor induction ceremony at Lancaster High School. This is the first time an induction ceremony had taken place in almost a decade.

Space does not allow me to expound on the virtues of the 10 individuals who were inducted and who already were the focus of an article in this publication. What I do want to highlight is that alongside LEAF, there was a tremendous amount of student involvement that went into making this induction ceremony a memorable one for our honored alumni and guests.

From the Advanced Placement English students who wrote biographies of the honorees that were read during the ceremony, to students from our Academy of Hospitality and Tourism who did food preparation and service, to Leadership Academy students who organized and managed the event, to members of various ensembles who provided musical accompaniment, there is no doubt in my mind that the caliber of students who came forward to make the occasion memorable and special for our guests are the very ones we will be hearing success stories from in the future.

Each year Lancaster High School sends students off to study astrophysics, aeronautics and medicine, in addition to scholar athletes and musical performers who receive major scholarships to play a sport or perform an instrument they are passionate about. Who’s to say that one day in the not-to-distant future, we will be inducting one of our own as a contributor to the cure for cancer, or for developing an environmentally friendly vehicle that revolutionizes the transportation industry? Would it surprise you to know we already have a couple of rocket scientists on our Wall? Our distinguished alumni remind us that the possibilities that are await our recent graduates, and those who attend our schools today, know no boundaries.

On behalf of the Lancaster community, I would like to congratulate the 2014 inductees into the Lancaster High School Distinguished Alumni Wall of Honor: Dr. Joseph A. Casimino, Gerald J. Gill, Jr., Robert Giza, Dr. Charles Irish, James Keysa, Dr. Andrea Kojm Thomas Ramsey, Edward J. Myszka, Michael Pikus, and John J. Trojanowski. Thank you again for your contributions to our community, and to society, and for serving as role models for our students to emulate!

Michael J. Vallely
Superintendent of Schools



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