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  • As you are now aware, this Fall semester, Physical Education here at Lancaster High School will be done remotely. 

    This presents many challenges which we are working to iron out.  As of now, student schedules have not been finalized due to this unique Hybrid situation.  Therefore, to date, we do not have accurate class lists to work from.  Once our lists are finalized, and we can populate our Google Classrooms and send out the invitations for students to join their Remote P.E. classroom.  We will be using each Student's Lancaster School's e-mail address for those invitations to their Google Classroom. 

    - I will update information as it becomes available.


    Remote Phys. Ed. is going LIVE starting Monday Sept. 21! 

    Make sure you attend the Google Meeting that you registered for on this weeks [9/14-9/18] Google Form.


    REMINDER: The GROUP you were assigned to by the District = the Day you attend school [Groups A+B]. We / Phys. Ed, being 100% remote meet on the day you are supposed to be at HOME.

    For example: Group A students are in school on A Days, and they are at home on the B days. Therefore Group A students will meet for P.E. on B Days. The reverse is true for Group B students - they will meet for PE on A Days.
    * Monday Sept. 21 is an A Day - - - So Group B will have PE on Monday And Group A will meet Tuesday next week ...



    You should have noticed and accepted a new invitation to a new, 2nd Google Classroom at this point.  PLEASE keep BOTH classrooms.  We will be using the large, origional Classroom to initiate our weekly Google Meet meetings and the new, smaller Section Numbered ones for Grading and record keeping.   

    Setting the actual Google Meet schedules - I reverted back to the High Schools actual bell schedule.  I'll be sending out another Google Form for you to actually choose and register for a time slot to attend the weekly Google Meet meetings.  This meeting will be your mandatory, specific attendance meeting. 

    Some of the teachers are trying their Google Meetings today and tomorrow - I will probably try mine later in the week as a test for both sides of the process.  See your Classrooms for the updated/new schedule and the complete the Google Form to register for your time slot. 

    REMEMBER - since we are 100% Remote - we meet on YOUR at HOME days. 





Last Modified on September 17, 2020