• Lancaster High School Counseling Center


    Counseling Center Staff 


    Mrs. Nancy Rinow    686-3259    nrinow@lancasterschools.org
    Mrs. Donna Speyer  686-3258    dspeyer@lancasterschools.org

    School Counselors (Please Note: Counselors caseloads had minor changes for 2020-2021 school year)

    Mrs. Megan Hewett
    686-3229 mhewett@lancasterschools.org

    Mrs. Rebecca O'Connor
    686-3265 roconnor@lancasterschools.org

    Mrs. Nancy Hejaily
    686-3264 nhejaily@lancasterschools.org

    Mrs. Jodi Coleman
    686-3263 jcoleman@lancasterschools.org

    Mr. Don Marchese
    Department Chair
    686-3853 dmarchese@lancasterschools.org

    Mrs. Claudia Tryjankowski 
    686-3261 ctryjankowski@lancasterschools.org

    Mrs. Danielle Len
    686-3399 dlen@lancasterschools.org


    Mrs. Jodi Mazur: 686-3298      jmazur@lancasterschools.org 
    Mrs. Tricia Gang: 686-3930     tgang@lancasterschools.org

    Social Workers

    Mr. John Shear    686-3832      jshear@lancasterschools.org
    Mrs. Lisa Russell    686-3876      lrussell@lancasterschools.org
    Mrs. Julie St. John   686-3255      jstjohn@lancasterschools.org

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    Looking for our Remind? 

    At this time, the Counseling Center has suspended use of Remind due to a change in their policies for large groups.  We are actively seeking other avenues of bulk electronic communication to students and parents.  Students should be monitoring their @lancasterschools.org email for Counseling Center broadcast messages (college rep visits, scholarships, etc.)   Parents/guardians wishing to receive copies of Counseling Center email bulletins should add their email address(es) to their student's Naviance account. Instructions

Last Modified on October 30, 2020