• Using Notepad for HTML Code

    Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is a special code or language that is used in order to create websites. Although HTML seems hard and intimidating to master it is easier to learn than you would expect. It can be written using any word processing software such as Microsoft Word, WordPad, and Notepad. I have found that Notepad seams to work the best for creating webpages using HTML code.        

    You can open Notepad by going to the start menu, then to programs, then to accessories, and finally to Notepad.

    Writing HTMLCode

                HTML is made up of a series of codes called tags. Tags are identified by angle brackets that look like this ( < = left angle bracket, > = right angle bracket). In between these brackets is a command that tells the web browser what it should do. Web browsers are programs like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and the new Google Chrome. These web browsers convert the HTML code into what you see on your monitor. As you can observe in the picture to the left all webpages follow a similar basic structure

    It is recommended that when writing HTML code you write the tags in all capital letters that way it is easier to identify later if you want to make a change.


    Saving Your Work


    In order for web browsers to be able to display the HTML code that you wrote properly, you have to make sure that you save the file correctly. When saving the file you must include the file extension “.html” at the end of the file name. The picture to the right demonstrates how to properly name your file.


    Viewing Your Webpage

       To view your webpage you have to go to the folder where you saved the HTML document and double left click on the file. When the HTML file is opened in a web browser it will look like a webpage. The picture to the left is the webpage that this code created. Although it is extremely simple this code is the starting point from which all websites exist.


    Viewing Notepad Again

       Once you have saved your HTML document in Notepad you will not be able to open the document from Notepad. So in order to make changes to your webpage you will have to right click on the file, select OPEN WITH, and then select NOTEPAD. Once you have done this Notepad will open up with your HTML code and you can make changes from there.

Last Modified on March 24, 2014